Go back fifty years and there wasn’t a New Zealander who hadn’t heard of Christchurch’s legendary Woolston Brass Band. Actually, things haven’t changed all that much. Indeed, the dozen or so teenagers that comprise a significant part of today’s membership, take great pride in the fact that they play in a “famous” band!

Whether your own connection with the band is deeply personal, or simply a passing interest, we’d like to offer you this opportunity to recognise the significance of The Woolston Brass Band (now known as Woolston Brass) as part of your life. Your support will help ensure the future of a treasured Christchurch institution.

Woolston Brass does not have a major sponsor. In the current economic climate, securing such sponsorship either locally or nationally, is unlikely. While Charitable Trusts and the like will fund special projects and events, they will not finance the operating costs of an entire organisation such as Woolston Brass. Still, the band has managed to function, but it is a sad fact that too much time is spent selling raffle tickets rather than maximising the massive voluntary effort made by the band’s players and administrators. After all, the band’s stated objective is to provide a learning facility for its developing players, and an artistic outlet befitting its virtuosi, rather than fundraising for running costs. This being the case, it has become imperative that we find some way by which long-term funding can become more certain.

In past years the band has missed opportunities to receive donations and bequests from benefactors because there has not been a separate, fully secured fund into which donations could be invested permanently. To rectify this situation, the Woolston Brass Foundation has been formed and a Board of Trustees appointed.

The Board of Trustees:
John Bartlett, A.G. (Tony) Lewis, Derek A. Anderson, Graeme R. Coomer, David E. Marriott, David A.Johnstone.

This board will invest donated or bequeathed money wisely and it will not be spent – ever. Only the income earned on accumulated capital will be distributed primarily for the benefit of the band. A deed has been formalised to ensure the capital fund remains intact. Your donation will stay untouched, exactly where you put it and it will support the Woolston Band in perpetuity.

Woolston Brass Foundation has been registered as a Charitable Entity (Registration Number CC29621) with the Charities Commission. As such, the Foundation is exempt from tax on non-business income (i.e. interest etc). The long term (10 year) objective of the Foundation is to achieve a Capital Fund of approximately $1 million. The short term (3 year) capital objective is $500,000. Investment income, based on $1 million capital, will yield approximately 50 to 70 thousand dollars annually. This is the level of funding required to cover the Band’s annual administration costs. Applications for funding will be considered by the Trustees on a project by project basis. The Band will be required to present formal applications to the Trustees. Priority will be given to requests for funding annual overheads. These include band room running costs, instruments, music, uniforms, Music Director’s remuneration and Concert/Junior Band training. It is expected that special projects such as overseas touring will be funded by other means.

Charitable Donation Tax Incentives
An individual can claim a tax credit equal to one-third of all donations made to approved charities, up to their taxable income. A company may deduct all donations to charities, up to its net income (calculated prior to taking the deduction for the donation). Close companies (companies 50% owned by five or fewer natural person shareholders) are now entitled to claim deductions for charitable donations in the same way as ordinary companies.

Your support can be given in a number of different ways, you can:

Give a donation by cheque payable to:
WOOLSTON BRASS FOUNDATION, PO Box 8359, Riccarton, Christchurch 8440, New Zealand

Make a bequest:
Contact your Solicitor or speak with any of the Trustees about appropriate wording to include the Foundation in your will. We have standard clauses available to assist with all possible estate planning circumstances.

Make an interest-free loan:
Interest -free loans can be bequeathed in your will.

What next?

Download and print your own copy of the Woolston Foundation Brochure.
Complete the form and post it to:
PO Box 8359, Riccarton,
Christchurch 8440, New Zealand