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Brand New and Reissued CDs Available Now

New CDs released this year: Music for a Centennial Celebration (Original 1991 cassette tape recording reissued on CD), The Woolstonian, 1891 – 1991 Music from Past to Present and British Open Concert Tour 2000.


Our other CD recordings The Woolstonian, Music for a Centennial, Celebration, Millennium, ANZAC, Sacred and Rhythm ‘n’ Brass are all available for purchase as physical CDs or mp3 downloads through our distribution partners CDBaby, iTunes and

We also have the following CDs available: Woolston Echoes, Christmas
in Christchurch
(featuring the CSO, Woolston Brass, the Christchurch
City Choir and the ChristChurch Cathedral Choir), Hope and Wire
– Eastern (featuring Woolston Brass) Dr. Matthew van Emmerik’s
(Euhonium), and Byron Newton’s Kiwi Dragon (Euhonium).

If you would like a hard-copy CD ($20), please use our Contact Page to arrange payment options and postage.

Woolstonian_66Latest Woolstonian Newsletter

Issue 66 of our newsletter is available HERE for download. Due to rapidly decreasing demand, it is no longer practicable for us to distribute printed copies. If you know of any “off line” personnel who might enjoy catching up with our activities, we urge you to download, print and deliver a copy to them..

This latest issue contains a review of our 125th anniversary celebrations, and includes some wonderful images courtesy The Heather & Doug Records.

There are also reports on the Napier contest, The CPBBA contest and the activities of our Academy.If you’re a fan of poetry, there’s something special in this issue for you too!








Our site offers information on our recent activities and our distinguished past. It also includes details of our concerts, contests, recordings, learning opportunities and fundraising initiatives.

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Woolston Brass CDsRecordings

Single track or full album MP3 downloads of our music are now available at CDBaby, iTunes and



Woolstonian 65 Latest Issue

A PDF of the current issue (Issue 66) is available here for download.

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